In general, each page of the module must be visited and each quiz must be answered in order to complete the module. The overall learning progress indicator of the whole RGC course will always remain yellow. Only the individual topics/modules inside the course should have a green dot.

Some FlyPads seem to have trouble transmitting the learning progress correctly. In this case, we ask you to switch to a Windows PC and/or the Firefox browser as this seems to work best at the moment. 

We recommend working through a module in one go – try to avoid breaks/interruptions within the module.

When you are finished with a module, exit the page via the “Exit Course” or “Exit Module” button in the upper corner, if available. (Note: This feature does not exist for all modules.) Afterwards, you can close the browser tab. Then refresh the overview page and check if your learning progress has been transmitted. 

Step 1: Click “Exit Course” or “Exit Module”, if applicable

Step 2: Close browser tab

Step 3: Refresh the overview page


If you still can’t get a green dot for one or more modules this way, take a screenshot of the respective module(s) with the blue tick marks and the 100 % completed indication visible. Send us these screenshots via Helpdesk together with your planned course dates. This way, we will be able to accept your learning progress manually. Please wait for our confirmation.