This learning module consists of several pages, most of which have a video with related questions.

There are two variants for the successful completion of the module:

  1. In a module with questions all questions have to be answered correctly, whereby several attempts per question are possible
  2. For a module without questions all pages have to be visited.

The status of the learning progress is displayed in the table of contents.

Table of contents

By selecting Table of Contents from the menu at the top of the learning module, its content is displayed in a tree view.

The illustration below is an example of such a tree view.


The tree view shows all pages, whereby the pages are organized in several chapters. Each entry in the tree view is preceded by a progress indicator.

By clicking on an entry, the corresponding page is displayed. Clicking on a chapter displays the first page of the chapter.

The colors of the progress indicators have the following meaning, whereby this is to be interpreted depending on the entry (page with/without questions, chapter):

  • Grey: initial state.
  • Yellow: not completed, not looked at.
  • Orange: currently displayed, in progress.
  • Red: incorrect processing.
  • Green: successfully completed, viewed.

Please note: the progress indicator of the currently displayed entry is always orange, no matter which color it is in the non-selected state.

Progress indicator

That's how it works:

  • Pages without questions are switched to green after display.
  • Pages with questions are set to green after all questions in the page have been answered correctly.
  • Chapters are set to green when all contained pages are set to green.
  • The learning module is set to green if all questions have been answered correctly or all pages have been visited depending on the type of module.

The successful completion of the module is indicated by a green indicator at the top of the tree view, as shown in the figure below.

Content navigation

To navigate between the pages in the content view, you can navigate forwards or backwards sequentially using the buttons at the top and bottom of each page.