The contents of all three versions is the same. The differences are mostly related to the recording of the learning progress (tracking).

  • RGC course: Normally and if you are in your grace period you should work through the regular course. In this version your learning progress is tracked and you can see if you have completed the modules.

  • Refresher course: The refresher course is intended for people who were told to work through the RGC E-Learning a second time. This version also tracks your learning progress. Please ask your supervisor when you are not sure which version - regular or refresher course - to choose.

  • Freeplay course: If you just want to try out everything or get a first impression of the course without beeing tracked you can choose the freeplay course. This is the choice outside your grace period.

  • CT-Expiry: This course is only done by Cabin Crew Members that have lost their due date after a longer absence. You are going to be informed, if you have to do this course.