Learning progress of modules

There are different types of modules. See below.

But generally each page of the module has to be visited and each quiz has to be answered in order to complete the module.

If one of the tasks was not completed successfully or if you did not work through all the slides of the module, the learning progress remains yellow.

Restart the module again and continue until you are finished.

If you still have problems getting a green learning progress indicator, please try the following:

  1. Re-open the affected module once more.
  2. Solve the quizzes and tasks in the module again
  3. Close the browser tab and open it again
  4. Reload the webpage with the topic overview (press F5 or the reload-symbol of your browser)
  5. Try to do the module on another device or browser
  6. Try another WIFI or 4G

Now, you should see a green learning progress indicator.


Illias Content

The questions must be answered correctly. Check the table of content inside the module to see if one of the topics are still yellow or green. Everything must have a green indication.

How to use Ilias module:



Check if in the table of contents all topics have a tick mark. Be aware that on labelled graphics all + must be visited.

How to use RISE:



If you work on a Storyline module, you are asked if you want to “resume”. Click “yes”, in order to continue. Click “no” if there were technical difficulties with the module.

Learning progress of the RGC course

The learning progress indicator of the whole RGC course will always remain yellow.

Only the topics/modules inside the course should have a green status.

Should the instructions above not solve the problem, please open a support ticket including a description of the used system (device, operating system, browser).